A sample of projects by therapeutic area

Multi-condition, multi-geography, 100% patient-centric




Melanoma Multi-year registry study
Breast Cancer Emerging markets breast cancer RWE study
Multiple Myeloma Patient Support Program for top 20 pharma

Parkinson’s 4,200 participant direct-to-patient study
Multiple Sclerosis Web-based eConsent platform for multi-country study
Multiple Sclerosis Patient Support Program for top 20 pharma
Respiratory / Allergy

Asthma Symptom tracking to show subtle difference in patient quality of life not apparent on a standard quality of life questionnaire
COVID-19 Virtual study looking at effectiveness of sinus wash to reduce transmission of COVID-19
Cardiovascular / Endocrinology

Diabetes Continuous glucose monitoring and activity tracking with real-time symptom reporting and patient reported outcomes (PROs) in 5 countries
Heart Failure Multiple studies supporting One Brave Idea heart failure program
Heart Failure Symptom and questionnaire data capture correlated with Med device data for heart failure occurrence post hospital discharge

Eczema Multi-country observational study
Atopic Dermatitis 12 European country Phase Ila for a top 20 pharma
Immunology and Inflammation

Rheumatoid Arthritis 13,500 participant direct-to patient study into the link between weather and pain
Rheumatoid Arthritis Virtual study linking symptoms, validated questionnaire, and bloodspot data
Rheumatoid Arthritis Virtual study linking symptoms, validated questionnaire, and wearable device sleep data
Rare disease
Dravet Syndrome Observational study investigating caregiver burden for children with Dravet Syndrome
Haemophilia Global haemophilia patient support program (commercial) for a top 20 pharma
Haemophilia Multi-study PIV and Observational program across 26 countries for top 5 Pharma
Glioblastoma OurBrainBank – patient-led movement allowing patients with GBM to track symptoms to help accelerate new treatments to market