What is modern eCOA/ePRO?

Collaboratively designed for the needs of patients, sites and sponsors to accelerate the delivery of higher quality clinical trials and real-world studies.

Modern eCOA/ePRO Insights

Blog: What does it take to be a modern eCOA/ePRO platform?

Chief Product Officer Julia Lakeland discusses what sponsors need in eCOA/ePRO solutions to support increasingly complex, individualized and remote or hybrid clinical trials and real-world research initiatives.

Moving the Industry Forward

The first industry innovation since paper instruments were deployed on smartphones, the Motif has been independently validated as an equivalent method to capture Patient Reported Outcomes and eDiary data.

Syneos Health and uMotif Partner to Deliver Patient-Centric eClinical Platform

Learn how this collaboration will help accelerate clinical trials and bring new therapies to patients faster through an efficient, end-to-end digital platform that includes robust eCOA and ePRO capabilities.

Human-Centered Design Role in Clinical Trials

Learn how uMotif’s eCOA/ePRO platform is setting a new standard for patient-centric studies and providing a better experience for participants, sites and sponsors.

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