Our design approach delivers better results.

Anchored by our unique and patent-protected interface Motif, human-centered design is embedded into our entire solution, meeting the needs of all study stakeholders.

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We start with the patient and build our technology from there.

What is human-centered design and why does it matter?

Simply put, human-centered design is a problem solving technique that puts real people at the center of software development.

The goal is to keep user preferences and pain-points front of mind during every phase of the design process. This process yields more intuitive and accessible solutions.

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    Designed with patients our platform drives high levels of engagement and data capture

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    Configurable technology powering all phases of research in any therapeutic area

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    Robust and compliant cloud technology speeds your timelines and reduces costs

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Learn how uMotif collaborated with IDEO – the global design firm widely recognized for its work – from designing the first manufacturable mouse, to advancing the practice of human centered design – to develop and hone our patient-first software design approach.



Betsy Fields Smith

Executive Design Director, IDEO

“Understanding what’s broken in the patient experience is the first step in designing a human-centered solution.”

Designing data capture & engagement technology with patients

Our design approach considers all the human and data touch points in the context of the study. We co-create with patients to create a consumer grade technology.

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Honing solutions through collaborative journey mapping

We make a vast impact on clinical trials and real-world studies through our deep understanding of all stakeholders and ensuring all users have a great experience.

Driving better results for study sponsors

Our design methodology ensures we are thinking about the wider perspective of all participants within the study. For sponsors this means; higher compliance, quality data, faster studies.

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Ben James

Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder, uMotif

“We work in a highly regulated industry, but it is important not to forget the human behind the technology. This ensures we evolve our technology, creating an impactful software that initiates a change in the clinical trials space.”

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