Supporting Parkinson’s Patients

An unmet need for Parkinson’s patients, who wanted help in tracking and managing their day-to-day symptoms, became the foundation for uMotif’s patient-centric eCOA/ePRO and engagement platform.

Our unparalleled understanding of the burden that trial participation puts on Parkinson’s patients enabled us to develop eCOA/ePRO technology that yields high compliance and quality data.

Case Study: 100 for Parkinson’s

Learn how uMotif’s eCOA/ePRO platform powered a multi-nation decentralized study, helping people with Parkinson’s Disease better understand symptoms, and creating a strong data foundation for future research.

This large scale study engaged more than 4,200 patients, across 60 countries, capturing more than 2.2 million data points and tracking over 1.3 million symptom scores.

Cathy’s story

Hear the story of Cathy, a Parkinson’s patient, and how using the uMotif app not only enabled her to take part in this study but is having a positive impact on the management of her condition, including:

  • the ability to track her symptoms
  • the use of the app to help her clinician understand her day-to-day symptoms
  • assisting her healthcare providers to optimize her medication


Coming Soon: Parkinson’s webinar – a real patient experience

This webinar will feature insights from the large-scale 100 for Parkinson’s research study – from patient recruitment through to reporting and analytics. This interactive session with a Parkinson’s patient will provide perspectives into the everyday impact the uMotif platform has on Parkinson’s patients.

More information coming soon – register your interest below:

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