Delivering >90% compliance in real-world studies

Real-world studies provide a rapidly growing number of research opportunities and exciting ways to engage patients.

uMotif’s eCOA/ePRO and engagement platform captures high-quality prospective real-world data to drive new insights.

Every study is different. Solutions must be flexible.

RWE studies include a diverse range of study types, settings and goals. Success in RWE requires a deep understanding of patients, research designs and behavioral psychology. uMotif provides sponsors, CROs and partners with a flexible and configurable technology, that uniquely engages, encourages and retains patients in RWE studies.

Fully modular system, rapidly configured to each study.

Cross platform BYOD platform (iOS, Android, Web)


Global hosting, any language supported


Wearable devices and sensors


Data linkage and tokenization


Home sample collection


Remote engagement




Recruitment and onboarding


Non-interventional studies

Late-phase, non-interventional and observational studies are an increasingly important part of research. RWE data can help label extensions, support new claims, provide new insights on diseases and better understand patient outcomes.

participants, to regulatory-required Phase IV and late phase site-based studies. Critical to success is ensuring the technology can flex to the realities of RWE research.

Long-term follow-up studies

Engagement is vital for long-term study success. Our eCOA/ePRO platform is modeled on behavioral science to encourage continued patient interaction and data capture.

Studies, participant preferences, and technologies will change over time. We build our technology to embrace and expect change, providing study teams with confidence around continued engagement and data capture.

Registries and EMR/EHR health records

Capturing and linking data with disease registries, EMRs/EHRs and claims records can enhance existing and new datasets. Powerful new insights can be driven by the addition of patient-reported data to healthcare records.

The uMotif platform can be deployed to new or existing patient registries. Through technical and workflow solutions, data is linked anonymously, including through tokenization with leading global partners.

Early access and compassionate use programs

Early access and compassionate use programs are a vital part of the drug lifecycle. The uMotif platform configures to provide patients with a tailored experience to both support the program, and capture quality RWD.

Academic studies

Academic researchers and consortia often drive new clinical insights. We’ve supported academic researchers across a wide continuum of studies – determining the link between weather and pain, providing new insights on the impact of hypoglycemia in diabetes, and demonstrating the value of fully remote blood sampling.

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