Faces of Digital Health – What Factors Should You Take into Account when Designing ePROs – Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes Solutions?

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A podcast by Faces of Digital Health, written By Tjasa Zajc

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) have become increasingly integral in healthcare for assessing the effectiveness of treatments from the patient’s perspective.

It sounds like a reasonable step in improving clinical research and care provision, but gathering data can be more difficult then you may think. It isn’t easy to get to marginalized communities. There are language barriers in collecting data. There are cultural aspects that impact responses. So, how can you design useful electronic solutions for patient-reported outcomes?

Hear from Mustafa Ali Syed, Researcher at the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, The University of Manchester, and Ben James, Co-founder/Chief Design Officer at uMotif – ePRO, an engagement platform designed to power clinical and real-world research. Both are co-authors of a recently published paper titled Exploring the Cross-cultural Acceptability of Digital Tools for Pain Self-reporting.

Listen to the full podcast here