uMotif powering new patient-centric movement in brain cancer

Glioblastoma – brain cancer – is one of the most aggressive and hard to treat cancers, with 5 year survival rates of just 5%. Due to the relatively small numbers – 18,000 are diagnosed each year in the USA – it can be hard for patients, clinicians and researchers to make new breakthroughs.

As with many other conditions, patients with glioblastoma are now taking an increasingly active and engaged approach, to drive forward treatment and understanding of their cancer. This follows the move to patient-centric research and studies we’ve seen in rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain and Parkinson’s Disease.

We’re delighted to be working with an incredible patient – Jessica Morris, from New York and her neuro-oncolgist Dr Fabio Iwamoto at Columbia University – to launch a new patient-powered movement for brain cancer.

OurBrainBank aims to move glioblastoma from terminal to treatable, powered by patients. Launching in 2017, we’ll be using the uMotif platform to help patients to track their symptoms, outcomes, experience and other health data to drive new insights and support patients with their journey.

It’s incredibly exciting to be working with engaged, motivated and inspirational patients and leading clinicians from Columbia University, New York and the Dana Farber Institute, Boston.

Following Senator John McCain’s recent diagnosis with glioblastoma, Jessica recently wrote an article in the New York Times on her journey, plans for OurBrainBank and the future:

To find out more about OurBrainBank and to get involved: