SAFIRA Co-founder and clinical trial technology innovator Willie Muehlausen joins uMotif

Muehlhausen is a trusted name in independent, scientific evaluation of patient-facing technologies; also known for his ability to envision and develop groundbreaking solutions for eCOA/ePRO and wearables

BOSTON, Mass. – May 8, 2023uMotif – one of the clinical trial technology market’s fastest growing companies – reiterated its status as the pacesetter in next-generation eCOA/ePRO by welcoming SAFIRA Clinical Research Co-founder and international eClinical technology expert Willie Muehlhausen as a Scientific Advisor.

uMotif’s highly scalable eCOA/ePRO platform combines deep clinical knowledge and consumer design expertise to deliver unprecedented levels of patient compliance, regularly achieving greater than 90% data capture in real-world studies.

Over 20+ years, Willie Muehlhausen has earned a reputation as a strategic thinker, serial entrepreneur and visionary in patient-facing clinical research technologies at organizations in Germany, the UK, Ireland and the US. He is known for his ability to ideate and develop groundbreaking new product lines and commercial models.

uMotif CEO Steve Rosenberg said, “We’re delighted to welcome Willie Muehllhausen to uMotif as a Scientific Advisor. He has a remarkable track record of advancing technologies that make clinical trials run faster and smoother for sponsors, CROs, sites and patients. And he’s earned a stellar reputation as an independent arbiter of emerging eClinical technologies.”

As early as 2004, Muehlhausen’s insights into patient-centric questionnaire validation had a positive impact on the way regulators and the industry approached eCOA, which paved the way for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) research model.

He co-founded SAFIRA Clinical Research in 2021 to offer services to decentralized clinical trial technology vendors, sponsors and CROs. SAFIRA Clinical Research has become the go-to organization for providing unbiased, independent, scientific technology and product evaluations.

Prior to SAFIRA Clinical Research, Muehlhausen was the Founder and Managing Director of Muehlhausen Ltd, where he advised sponsors, vendors, investment companies and researchers on digitization strategies for remote and virtual clinical trials. He conducted pioneering research on direct-to-patient models including BYOD, eCOA and wearables.

Also previously, Muehlhausen was with ICON plc for several years, most recently as VP and Head of Innovation. His achievements included the ICONIK toolset for proactively managing clinical trials; ICON’s eCOA solution; ICHOM GLOBE, a leading initiative in healthcare and outcomes research; and wearable devices.

Willie Muehlhausen commented, “I have always been impressed by uMotif’s insights and expertise, and their ability to consistently take important steps forward in delivering next-generation eCOA/ePRO solutions that make quantifiable improvements in research, by truly engaging patients. For example, late last year SAFIRA Clinical Research independently and scientifically validated the Motif data capture method as the first alternative to text-based instruments for clinical, post-marketing and real-world research. It gives researchers a new way to encourage patients to capture data, through a more visually appealing interface.”

At ISPOR 2023, May 8 in Boston, Muehlhausen will present a poster, “The First Validated Innovation in Scale Design Since the Migration to Screens: Results of an Equivalence Study, Testing a New Graphical Version of the Widely Used Verbal Rating Scale,” based on SAFIRA’s evaluation of the Motif.

Muehlhausen has served as Vice Director of the eCOA Consortium/Critical Path Institute (C-Path). His industry recognition includes being named one of the PharmaVOICE 100 most influential people in life sciences, and winning a CenterWatch Top 20 Innovator award.

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