OurBrainBank publishes first feedback from patients

London, UK. 20 th April, 2018

We are pleased to be able to share some of the first pieces of feedback from OurBrainBank’s initial cohort of people with glioblastoma and their caregivers. With over 100 people registered and sharing their data, the insight is tremendous.

We can see from the chart below, produced by Brattle which symptoms are being tracked the most by users.

And the word cloud below represents what users are saying they want from the OurBrainBank study

But most of all, it’s the feedback from patients and caregivers that has resonated in the community:

One patient said : “looks great! It was super easy to use. Made me feel a little guilty about my lack of exercise, which was probably a good thing.

And one caregiver said: “This is amazing!! I LOVE the tracking of the different symptoms such as memory issues as hubby doesn’t remember having any. I’m looking forward to being able to bring this to our NO to share. I’m positive she’ll tell her other patients about it as well! Thank you so much. It’s obvious a lot of effort went into this and you all should be very proud of the gift you’ve created and are sharing with the rest of us. ️️This is wonderful!! Great job guys! As a caregiver for my husband- I can tell you this is much needed!!

There is more to come from OurBrainBank and were excited to be partnering with this great initiative. Find out more at OurBrainBank.Com.