Mick’s Story: Mick, a participant in a Parkinson’s observational study, describes his experience using the uMotif app.

Team uMotif are always excited to learn how study participants value using our platform to capture data. And after speaking to Mick, a participant in the global 100 for Parkinson’s study, about how he used the app and to hear the phrase “how did we manage without it?” we wish to share his story.

By capturing high quality data on his Parkinson’s symptoms and experience Mick is making an important contribution to world-leading research through the study. Mick found using the uMotif app, and participating in research, makes him think differently about his condition. At uMotif we passionately believe that patients should be at the centre of research. Technology that is easy to use, and provides value to patients, needs to be adopted for people to want to proactively capture and submit study data.