Exploring the cross-cultural acceptability of digital tools for pain self-reporting

How do cultural and ethnic backgrounds influence how we experience pain?

uMotif co-founder and Chief Design Officer Ben James and uMotif Product Designer Sean McAlister collaborated on new research that explores this important question and how deeper insight can drive the development of better pain self-reporting tools.

Culture and ethnicity influence how people communicate about their pain. This makes it challenging to develop pain self-report tools that are acceptable across ethnic groups.

This paper, published in JMIR Human Factors, aimed to inform the development of cross-culturally acceptable digital pain self-report tools by better understanding the similarities and differences between ethnic groups in pain experiences and self-reporting needs.

This research paper was produced in collaboration with:

Syed Mustafa Ali – http://bit.ly/3Iotq64
Rebecca Lee – http://bit.ly/3XN0477
John McBeth – http://bit.ly/3Z5cWqe
Alessandro Chiarotto – http://bit.ly/3IoPq0G
William Dixon – http://bit.ly/3kdp8GT
Sabine van der Veer – http://bit.ly/3xFkJ2o