Deployment in colorectal cancer at Christie Cancer Vanguard proven successful

During 2017 the uMotif platform was deployed at the Christie Hospital in Manchester in colorectal cancer, as part of the Cancer Vanguard Medicines Optimisation programme ( find out more about the deployment at the Christie Hospital).

A post was presented at the BOPA conference in the UK in October, summarizing the successful results.

The project, in collaboration with IQVIA and Merck, showed high levels of patient and clinician engagement. Patients captured data on their symptoms, outcomes and experience – data that helped clinicians to better understand patient's journeys and treatment.

The poster presented include a number of quotes from the initial cohort of 55 patients recruited:

"Easy to use, I find diary very helpful."

"Very good way to record your symptoms and not forget to mention them to your clinicians next time."

"I use it almost on daily basis, it' s really good."

"Very good idea and useful for me and my doctors I think."

"Very clever app, and clever graphs. I like also the section with the other symptoms, because I can add more if I get any, as I had recently."

This poster follows the exciting results published at ASCO on the significant impact that patient data capture has in oncology

Following the successful initial phase further work is being planned.