Modern eCOA/ePRO and engagement platform

See how uMotif’s eCOA/ePRO platform drives unparalleled levels of patient engagement to transform the speed, quality, and accuracy of data capture.

Designed in collaboration with patients, sites and sponsors to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

uMotif’s modern eCOA/ePRO platform supports all aspects of clinical and real-world research.

Our deep understanding of how to effectively engage patients helps alleviate the burden of trial participation achieving >90% compliance in real-world studies and reducing study timelines by up to 30%.

Our patient-first approach powers studies of all sizes, from a large-scale virtual study with over 13,000 participants to a pediatric rare disease trial with just 60 critical families.

eCOA/ePRO perspectives

Insights from our patient engagement experts

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High Compliance

Over 90% compliance in real-world studies

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Faster Studies

Reducing study timelines by ⅓

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Quality Data

Capturing GCP-compliant data, ready for submission


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“We needed an easy-to-use solution, that can be used across multiple countries, to manage a high volume of data capture – uMotif’s platform provides the opportunity to engage our patients”

Professor Pratik Choudhary Project Lead, King’s College London

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