uMotif powered non-profit tackling brain cancer is now live

We’re incredibly excited to support OurBrainBank with our technology for e-consent and data capture. It’s the first of a new kind of research – large-scale, ambitious and impactful digital programs driven by and for patients. Congratulations to the team for their launch

Jessica Morris, founder and Chair of OurBrainBank, said: “People with Glioblastoma and their care-givers are all over social media – wanting to connect, compare experiences and treatments. OurBrainBank taps into this digital reality. Our approach has been designed with, by and for patients. Our medical advisors are amongst our most ardent supporters. Together, we can move this disease from terminal to treatable – powered by patients.”

Fabio Iwamoto MD, Deputy Head of Neuro-Oncology at Columbia University, said: “OurBrainBank will collect data that is vital to researchers seeking to turn this disease around. The key to tackling this disease lies in research, and for too long we’ve lacked the critical insight from patients. The OurBrainBank App closes that gap, and I’m excited at the implications. This has the potential to have a real impact on our ability to extend lives.”

Adam Hayden, board member, diagnosed with GBM in June 2016, said: “OurBrainBank uplifts the person living with Glioblastoma as the pivot point for transforming our disease experience by prizing our patient reported outcome data as a unique and novel contribution to oncology research that cannot be replicated in the lab without patients’ direct involvement. Persons with GBM are as heterogeneous as our diseases. OurBrainBank is more than an App; it is the means by which we uncover meaningful patterns to inform research from diverse data points that would otherwise go unanalyzed.”

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