uMotif featured on BBC World Service ‘World Hacks’ programme

Patients are increasingly wanting to play a larger role in their health, and making more of an impact in research. This rise in ‘data donation’ for research was recently covered by the BBC World Service’s ‘World Hacks’ programme.

The programme focused on our exciting Cloudy with a Chance of Pain project, working with Professor Will Dixon at Manchester University. One of the trial participants, Becky, spoke about how easy it was to use uMotif to take part, and how donating her data made a difference for her.

The rise in patient-centric trials, using patient’s own devices is only set to rise. The unrivalled data sets that can now be captured at high volume at relatively low cost from engaged patients open new options for researchers.

You can listen to the programme here:

A write up of the study was also featured in the BBC magazine:

uMotif featured on BBC World Service 'World Hacks' programme