On-Demand Webinar: Empowering Patients in Virtual Trials

Covid-19 is now a catalyst for virtual and decentralised trials.

During this webinar Jessica Morris, a patient advocate and founder of OurBrainBank, tells us how she felt when receving her diagnosis and how it feels to be a Glioblastoma patient. Jessica explains how participating in clinical trials and using technology can be motivating to her and her friends in the wider GBM community.

Joining the discussion is Ida Kløvgaard and Rasmus Hogreffe who talk to LEO Innovation Lab’s virtual trial methodology. Our CEO, Bruce Hellman, rounds out the conversation with umotif’s patient-friendly approach and how we look to empower, as well as engage, patients when they are entering their symptom and ePRO data.

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On-Demand Webinar