Newest uMotif product release builds on track record of delivering patient-centric, next-gen eCOA/ePRO for faster, higher quality clinical trials, real-world studies

Unmatched focus on patient data capture experience, underpinned by adaptive scheduling and questionnaire engine, comprehensive patient engagement toolkit and advanced analytics and reporting drive greater than 90% patient compliance, leading to better quality of data for sites, sponsors and CROs

BOSTON, Mass. – February 2, 2023 — uMotif – one of the clinical trial technology market’s fastest growing companies – continues to accelerate the pace and quality of clinical, real-world and post-marketing research with new enhancements to its feature-rich, eCOA/ePRO platform built with patients for patients to achieve unprecedented levels of engagement and compliance.

Enhanced uMotif platform capabilities include…

Adaptive Scheduling and Questionnaire Engine – provides highly flexible and responsive solutions for fast configuration of complex study designs, which ensures there are no limitations on how and when interactions, visits and data capture from participants can occur. The scheduler supports any trial design, and effortlessly responds to mid-study updates while continuing to maximize patient engagement. Combined with a powerful questionnaire builder, the enhanced uMotif platform can rapidly add validated eCOA instruments and study-specific eDiaries to the sponsor’s uMotif questionnaire library. Swift questionnaire builds significantly speed up study timelines, helping sponsors move faster from protocol to FPI.

Comprehensive Patient Engagement Toolkit – now, more than ever, sponsors and CROs are seeking tools that put patients at the center of the trial, engaging them to remain in the study and compliant with eCOA/ePRO capture. A new suite of engagement tools further solidifies uMotif’s leadership in delivering patient-centric research. Through the highly configurable app, uMotif engages every patient, in every study. The toolkit includes best-in-class onboarding, home screen, content, notifications and reminders powered by uMotif’s proprietary engine and design approach. Available across iOS, Android and the web, patients receive a compelling companion experience for their study, helping drive greater than 90% compliance.

Advanced Analytics and Custom Reporting – offers CROs, sponsors and sites a customizable view of patient-by-patient data unique in the eCOA/ePRO market. Custom reports and advanced engagement analytics eliminate the need for cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, making decision making accurate, quick and easy. For sites, patient-level data provides a deeper understanding of progress through the study. Robust reporting ensures patients are engaged and capturing all required data, and that sites can easily manage recruitment and compliance. Because reports are configurable at a study level, there are no limits on the kind of reporting the platform generates, from the most complex data queries and eligibility reports, to advanced visualizations.

The enhanced platform capabilities are another example of how uMotif continues to transform the eCOA/ePRO market. Recently the company announced its proprietary Motif data capture interface was independently validated as an alternative to text-based instruments for clinical, post-marketing and real-world research. This marks the first innovation in eCOA/ePRO since paper instruments were deployed on smartphones. (Read more here.)

“The latest release of uMotif’s platform continues to demonstrate what next-generation eCOA/ePRO and industry innovation truly mean,” said CEO Steve Rosenberg (LinkedIn).

“It starts with providing patients with easy-to-use apps that are engaging and akin to those they are familiar with in their daily lives, which in turn drives high compliance rates for sites and sponsors.”

About uMotif

The uMotif eCOA/ePRO platform delivers faster, quality clinical trials and real-world studies by putting patients at the core of research. Through cloud-hosting in the US, Europe and China, the GCP, 21 CFR Part 11 and GDPR-compliant platform supports any study or trial, from Clinical Phase I, II and III studies through to any type of decentralized or virtual real-world study. For more information visit