5 Reasons to Join a Trade Mission

What is a trade mission? Why would you go on one? Who better to answer than Rob Nichols, our VP of Customer Experience, who has just come back from a trip to Vienna with the Mayor of London's team.

Rob reflects on the top 5 reasons why a similar trip may work for you and your company.

1. New business. Traveling as part of a defined business program (in this case Life Sciences) makes sure you meet potential customers of great relevance to your organisation.

2. New partnerships. Build partnerships with the other companies who are part of the delegation. You will also meet the local embassy team who are a fantastic point of contact for business in the region.

3. Stress free and cost light. The local organising team arranges all your travel and meetings making sure your time is well spent. In addition, part of the cost is covered by the trade organisation making the trip pretty much frictionless for delegates.

4. Beautiful venues. Being a sponsored delegation means that every engagement will likely take place in an impressive venue. It's not all chocolate-dipped strawberries mind, but a few perks don't hurt.

5. See the world. Why not add on a weekend and mix business with a little pleasure!

In summary, a trade delegation is a great way to generate new business, make new contacts and have a good time while doing it.